What's it about anyway?

Me, Coffee, and why Hand-in-Hand

Well, hello there you beautiful people 👋

Sitting on the other side of this blog is Ryan, who is pretty high on Coffee right now (which, by the way, he always is), so you might wanna excuse a little of his blabbering.

“…..I’m sorry to say it, but COVID-19 ruined the lives of some people. For me, however, it came bearing the greatest gift, and perhaps the most important one too. I learned how the lack of self-love was not only ruining my life but also stopping me from developing healthy relationships.” (slurps coffee)

“And it’s the same with all of us. Most of our lives we keep on struggling with relationships just because we aren’t whole in ourselves in the first place. While thinking that someone else would fill that void, we end up making some decisions which never stop haunting us.”

“So this, right here, is a space about self-improvement and relationships; two things that are more important than the bucks you carry home at the end of the month. For life, my friend, is not well lived if you spent it without loving yourself. And no one is going to remember you if you didn’t form meaningful relationships in the first place.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me, my coffee is running cold”

Yeah! He gets pretty boring when that sixth cup of Coffee goes down his throat.

“Tell them about poetry” (in the background)

Oh yeah! Before I forget, he also writes on Instagram, and is always boasting about how people often say that they feel beautiful after reading his poetry. I hardly doubt there’s any truth to that, though. Anyway, I’m attaching a picture of it. Do let me know if you feel the same (which would, by the way, make me smash my head on the wall).

June 3, 2020

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