I have a theory…

and the theory is that Self-Improvement and Relationships go hand-in-hand. If you take one of them and work on it, the other will happily open its door and gift you the things you’ve been longing to find.

Why Hand-in-Hand?

Writing poetry on Instagram and from my own experience, I realised how our struggle with self-improvement affects our relationships in a negative manner, and how we can use the tools we already have and form satisfactory relationships before going on to live an abundant and cheerful life.

This is an attempt to make things simpler and break them down in a relatable manner so that improving yourself and forming long-lasting relationships doesn’t seem a foreign concept. And the next time you fall in love (or out of it), you know how not to lose yourself in its madness.
Just so we’re clear, this is not your usual guide to form a perfect relationship or to become a perfect person. Perfection, I believe, can never exist in this world.

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